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28 March 2030 @ 12:36 am


I also write fanfic at FFN.

09 July 2011 @ 01:28 am
 Hi everyone! I'm cleaning out my room and I have a ton of anime posters to sell. They all come from Hong Kong's Ani-Wave magazine and are dated a few years back so none of the newest animes and things like that. Instead expect things like School Rumble, Gundam Seed, Onegai Twins, etc. My home is completely smoke-free and pet-free and the posters are seriously in top condition. Unless stated, they are in A2 size but are folded to fit inside the A4-sized magazine. Finally, because they are from Ani-Wave, each poster has an Ani-Wave emblem on the corner which varies in size. Naturally, I'll take close-up photos of posters upon request.

I'm in Hong Kong right now, but I'm returning to London end of September if you're willing to wait till then for possibly cheaper shipping costs. I take concealed cash and paypal but prefer paypal for security reasons. I send the posters after receiving the payment. If you want to buy please leave a comment or PM me. :)

All prices in USD.

List of animes [Use Ctrl-F to immediately find the poster in question]: Ah! My Goddess, Onegai Twins/Please Twins (x2), Happy Lesson, Di Gi Charat (x2), Kyou Kara Maoh, DearS, Prince of Tennis, Trinity Blood, Air, Gundam Seed (x2), Fullmetal Alchemist, School Rumble, D.N. Angel, Aishiteruze Baby, Exorcist (by Ricky - a Hong Kong comic), Gundam Z: A New Translation, and 3 unidentified ones.

Now, onto the posters!

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02 March 2011 @ 08:29 pm

 ..demo... ore kachitai desu!! ENDOU-KANTOKU!!!!




sakka... yarouze >;)
20 February 2011 @ 11:05 am

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23 June 2010 @ 01:54 am
Hmmm... tried posting this post to the hetalia fan community but it was deleted for some reason. I'll just keep a copy of it. Good thing I was editing it at the time eh? XD I spent a long time typing up those notes.

C'mon guys! I know a lot of us aren't that into footy/soccer and have been paying scant attention to the World Cup but I expected a LOT more fanworks than this! (Unfortunately I'm not here to contribute any. Too busy soaking in all the off-pitch drama...)

Anyway, this video just makes me want to die laughing at how Dave Henson (his songs are being broadcasted on BBC at the moment) keeps on repeating "At least we're not as bad as France". Sounds very Iggy don't you guys think??

Vid and explanations (as much as I can muster up) as under the cut.

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06 June 2010 @ 04:43 pm
More Slam Dunk quotes:

Sakuragi: ....All right! 172 more shots! I have to practise!
Mitsui: I will act as defence!
Miyagi: I will pass to you!
Rukawa: I will stand on the sidelines and criticise!

*during the game vs. Ryonan High*
Akagi: Mitsui... is Koshino easy?
Me: *thinking* Yes, he's a huge slut...
(Akagi meant is he easy to mark)

Also sometimes I really love awkward translations. Like for example with Diamond no Ace or Ace of the Diamond or whatever the hell it's being called in the manga community these days (I call it DAIYA no ACE but whatev lol)'s fixation with balls. "He has sharp balls!", "His balls are dangerous!", etc. This one from SD is just so terribly awesome: (though the "Is he easy?" thing is probably more awesome)

Some guy from Ryonan: Koshino, you're open! Shoot!
Akagi: Open----------?!
Koshino shoots, Akagi MONSTROUSLY JUMPS UP TO BLOCK!!!
Akagi: MY ASS! UHO!!

And then you have this scene..:
Anzai (Coach): From what we've seen so far, what are Mikio's strengths?
Anzai: He has the power to push you from under the basket... and his height.
Anzai: Now what advantages does Sakuragi-kun have over him?
Sakuragi: Um... I have better skills and...
Sakuragi: Courage, and endurance, and I'm better looking... actually, I'm just better than him in general.
Anzai: ....what I meant was...

And another scene with Coach Anzai!burn!!!:
Anzai: Rukawa... I know it's hard for you, but you must think!!

And who can forget the introduction of the Sakuragi gang?? (even though it's only been done twice in like, volumes 1 and 7):
And I've heard many scary things about these guys from Wakou Junior High.
The "Sakuragi Gang".
Sakuragi Hanamichi!!
Mito Youhei!!
etc.!! (Ookusu, Takamiya and Noma: HEY!!!)

Always cracks me up every time.

Oh my God... and that one scene against Sannoh where Uozumi the sushi chef in training is just like... slicing his stupid turnip right in front of Akagi from behind the basket... ON THE COURT.... DAMN IT I LOVE SLAM DUNK.

Hmmm.. but SD isn't all jokes and slapstick either. There are some really touching moments... such as...

Sakuragi, the rising rookie of basketball in Kanagawa, is utterly humiliated by Fukuda, a player from Ryonan who slam dunks over him. Despite being you know, shorter and all. Oh, and Fukuda kind of slams him into a chair and causes a head wound. (I don't know what the hell the foul rules are in 1990s!Japan youth basketball...) Mitsui saves the day with a 3 pointer.
Narrator: All this time, Sakuragi just lay on the floor.
Narrator: When he heard the cheers that seemed to have nothing to do with him...
Narrator: he felt even worse than before...

And Mitsui... generally any moment with Mitsui saving the day and overcoming his weakness... (fatigue, lack of fitness)

And sometimes I wish the series expanded more upon the lives of its characters that it shows glimpses of (beyond basketball ability). For example Sakuragi actually has this really tragic event in his past that affects him over the course of the series. And Mitsui has a bad home life, but it's only alluded to in like, two panels. GRRR! And we don't know diddly about Rukawa, Miyagi and Ayako's home lives...
I think that's why Inoue Takehiko decided to draw REAL. Partially at least. It's a lot more character-driven and really expands on background, motivations, family/relationships of characters as well as advance the story. It's so awesome... T_T

PS Fukuda is really creeping me out with his "Please praise me..." "I want to be praised..." attitude. :S Especially because he looks off into the distance with misty eyes every single time he thinks that!!!
06 June 2010 @ 03:21 pm
I started reading Slam Dunk again............

Enough said.

I fcking love Sendoh. I even love how his name is spelled. I would have spelled it Sendou if I'd been the translator. GOOD THING I WASN'T!!! SENDOH IS SO MUCH MORE ICONIC!!!

And Jin. I DIDN'T KNOW HE WAS TALLER THAN MAKI!!!!! I DIDN'T KNOW HE WAS 189CM!!! I thought he was like.. MITSUI HEIGHT!!!

And oh Mitsui... and Miyagi and Sakuragi's ridiculous bromance and bonding over unrequited love... and Rukawa's idiocy... EVERYONE ON THE SHOHOKU STARTER TEAM'S IDIOCY IN FACT... I'm actually not that irritated by Rukawa now. OMFG. He actually has a personality to me now!!! Maybe I was just clouded and judgemental during my younger days!!! AND COACH ANZAI 'S DRAMARAMA DURING THE KAINAN VS RYONAN GAME!!!!! (I'm at that part now)

quotes from slam dunk: (paraphrased)
Tetsu (punk): Aahhh!! You hit him! The basketball team is fighting within its halls! You will definitely get suspended... and the basketball team will be disbanded!!
Sakuragi: Hmph! As if that matters to me!
*breaks the broom Tetsu was trying to slam Miyagi's head with*
Sakuragi: With these things, I naturally have a way to... COVER IT UP!!!!

and then later..

Sakuragi: 7 hits...
*decks Tetsu*
Sakuragi: This one's for Kogure!
*lightly slaps Tetsu's cheek*
Sakuragi: This one's for Rukawa... (Rukawa: That bastard...)
Sakuragi: This one's for Ryocchin!! (Miyagi)
*punches Tetsu in face*
Sakuragi: This one's for the cigarette stained ball and the broken broom!!
Tetsu (thinking): It was YOU that broke the broom!!


i can see my grades slipping away... BUT THAT'S OKAY, I CAN LIVE WITH THAT.

only 5 more months until the next volume of REAL... well, I can only get it at Christmas time so only 7 more months until that. ;_;

Stats exam on Wednesday, well whatever.
Well hacking up lungs, well whatever.